minetest network - server rules


Admin: redblade7 (main account), redblade7_owner (admin account)

Last updated 2/9/2020

  1. Be nice
  2. No hacking
  3. No griefing
  4. No impersonation
  5. No bugging
  6. All language, content, activity, and creations must be politically correct and family friendly.
  7. No recruiting for discussions outside of Minetest (IM, Skype, etc). Public IRC channels and public Discord servers are OK.
  8. No sharing of passwords

Users who violate these rules will be banned 3 months the first time, 6 months the second time, and subsequently 1 year, with extreme cases permanent.

This system of temporary bans was introduced in March 2019. If you were banned on any servers before March 2019, feel free to join again as almost all previous bans were removed.

The idle kick timer is set to 20 minutes.


Admin: redblade7

Staff: redblade7, bloodwych

Last updated 10/23/2019

  1. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines ( with these rules superimposed:
  2. You must be 13 or older to use Discord. Keep in mind that Minetest players you talk to in the "Minetest Server Relays" section might be younger.
  3. Please change your Discord server nickname to match your normal Minetest username. You can do this by right clicking your username (either in chat or in the sidebar) and selecting "Change Nickname."
  4. All discussion and content must be politically correct and family friendly.
  5. When in the "Minetest Server Relays" section, please note that the Minetest server rules in #minetest-rules apply.
  6. Spam (as determined by Staff) is prohibited. This includes invite links and offers for products, services, and contests.
  7. No posting of, or linking to, personal information of members and their families and friends. This also includes selfies, photos, and social media accounts.
  8. No impersonation of users or staff.
  9. The #more-servers channel contains servers hand-picked by redblade7 and added with the server owners' approval. Please do not ask to advertise your server in there.
  10. Overall, remember to be polite and have fun!